House Hunting Checklist

picture of 3 houses with magnifying glass

If you are looking to buy a new home, we can help by providing you with the best house hunting checklist. Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start. But it’s best to face it head-on with an organized plan.

As you begin house hunting, you’ll find many homes that you don’t want. Just as important, you’ll want to think about your must-haves in a new home. By talking it out with others and documenting your list of requirements will help you find your dream home. Additionally, our check list will give you items you should consider as you house hunt. 

Getting Started in Your Home Search

  1. Basic Research. Figure out where you want to live. Consider commute to work, school districts, access to area amenities, public transportation, and community cultures.
  2. Figure out your budget. Learn about mortgage options and shop around for a mortgage lender.  Get a preliminary approval letter so you are prepared to make an offer.
  3. List your must-haves. As you are listing things such as the number of bedrooms or the finishes and styles you like in a home, keep your expectations realistic. What is realistic depends on both your budget and the real estate inventory.
  4. Shop around for a good real-estate agent. Find one that you trust and get along with. You’ll want an agent that invests time and effort to help you but also respects your take-charge approach to house hunting.

Printable House Hunting Checklist

Take this printable house hunting checklist with you when you go to see potential homes. Simply click on the picture below and click print!

house hunting checklist

What to Bring When Visiting Homes:

  • Your House Hunting Checklist, of course! Make copies so you have enough for each home visit. And if you have a clipboard, it will make it easier to jot your notes as you walk around properties.
  • A smartphone for maps, as well as taking photos and videos.
  • Paperclips to attach your checklist to the home’s listing sheets.
  • A folder to store your checklists and home listing sheets.

Best of luck in looking for your new home! We hope our House Hunting Checklist makes your search easier and more organized. In planning ahead, you’ll be better equipped to make a great decision in your next home.